Eyebrow Extensions ๐Ÿ‘€


No more coloring-in, penciling-in, nor applying brow gel or waxing to hide your eyebrows. The new up and coming trend to hit the US are Eyebrow Extensions. They look so natural, giving you a new fresh younger look with no work or effort needed. Because eyebrows are so inherently important for the symmetry of the face, brow extensions are a great idea. Brow Extensions come in many different type of [human] hair, different curls pattern and different diameters which is available to every ethnicity, whether itโ€™s African American, Asian, Caucasian, or Indian etc. giving a really natural define look to your brows.

Eyebrow Extensions take an hour and a half with no pain at all. Brows can last up to at least three weeks, extensions can be tinted and should be fill-in every two to three weeks to keep a fresh and clean brow. The cost of Brow Extensions start at $150 to $300 it could be a profitable investment. So Remember Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Bad Eyebrows.

Pic above from @fairylash_godmother Instagram



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