Behind The Curve✍🏽

My name is Danielle and I’m the face behind The Curve. I’m just a regular mother of one …who loves food,makeup,and fashion! Life obsessions are socks,mini items,and lipstick.πŸ’„The Curve was created to help plus size gals shopping experience easier. Also to help teach plus size women how to dress their shape.Don’t get me wrong most plus size women have insecurities including me. I’ve learned you have to love yourself cause nobody else will. 


Yes I’m still fat ! Yes I have a belly ! Yes I’m flawed but I’m me and I love me! No plus size person I’ve met yet doesn’t have weight loss goals or body positivity issues. The Curve just wants you to be fly while you reach those goals . 
 Being plus size myself makes the connection greater with the women I help! My mission is to boost the confidence of our fellow plus size ladies through fashion. The Curve is here to provide style coaching also tips in style, makeup, etc. In life you can either look for a plug or be the plug … The Curve is the plug πŸ”Œ! 


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