5 things you need to stop doing now ๐Ÿ“

1. Negative talk about yourself! 

Always speak things into existence. Your thoughts have so much power over your life. Negative thoughts equal a negative life and existence. Start each day off saying it will be a good day. Stick to it ! 

2. Holding on to the Past! 

The past is the past for a reason. People and things all have a expiration date. Anything that doesn’t serve you purpose in life should be removed. Everything in you adult life should better you not deflate you. 

3.  Avoiding the concept of Evolving! 

Many times outgrowing things and people is looked at as “shade” or “acting funny”. Growing up doesn’t mean staying the same. Evolving doesn’t mean staying the same. Real friends and things will force you to level up. Growth always has change behind it. Everybody can’t come to the finale. 

4. Not taking chances! 

Life is too short not to portray your dreams. If you wanna quit your job quit that job. You wanna be a dj be a dj. Make sure whatever you do youre the best around. Not taking chances in life builds regrets. Don’t live a life you need a break from! 

5. Stop making yourself small so someone else can feel BIG! 

Don’t limit your contribution to make someone else feel better about theirs. People will always be comfortable with you being below them. Once you become equal or surpass them it’s a problem. Never angle with someone for a position. You should always truly help people. But don’t ever discredit yourself in the process! 



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