7 Things to clean up your LifeπŸ“

1. Make a List πŸ“

Make a list of what’s bothering you. Assess everything and everyone in your life. 

2. Make daily success habits πŸ”‘

Whats working and what’s not ?!? Figure out what you’re doing that’s good. Acknowledge what’s good and going to support your goals. 

3. Let GO 

If it’s draining you more than helping you let it go. YOU are the priority in YOUR life. Don’t let somebody who doesn’t have goals talk you out of yours! 

4. D E T O X 

Find ways to detach yourself from what’s draining you. Focus on bettering the relationships with the people who value you. Always take your needs into consideration first. 

5. DO IT! 

Whatever it is just do it. Stop procrastinating or finding excuses do it. Stop putting your dreams and goals on hold! Tomorrow isn’t promised. Do one thing daily to achieve success. Once you see results you will be motivated to do more. 

6. 6 MONTH vision πŸ‘€πŸ”‘

Create a six month vision to determine what you need to do to reach each goal. Creating a vision will keep you on track with working towards your goals. 

7. Figure out your “summer goals” πŸ“

Make 3-5 goals and do something each day to work towards achieving them. 



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