Conceited And Curvy : Sexy is a state of mind! πŸ˜»πŸ’‹πŸ‘…

The market is not short of or lacking on things to physically wear to be sexy. Being sexy is thought to be only an external thing. Some may argue that you can only be sexy if you are a certain size,shape,or age. SEXY OR BEING SEXY IS A STATE OF MIND PERIOD! For some of us it is natural. For others it can take a bit of effort or force. People that are sexy and feel sexy have confidence that comes from inside. This can’t be bought at Victoria Secret or Adam and Eve! If you accept what you read on these apps about sexiness, you are bound to be hurt and not feeling sexy at all. If sexiness only applies to a wardrobe or a pair of shoes … what are you when it’s removed ? Ultimately the outside reflects the inside. Feeling sexy is about remove the thought of limitation. It is about seeing the thoughts that make you believe you are not sexy and learning to ignore them. Thoughts such as:

~ My butt is too big to be sexy

~ I’m too old to be sexy

~ I’m too big to be sexy

~ My skin is not clear enough to be sexy

~ If I only had, looked, or was anything other than what I am I’d be sexy

Alway remember you are undeniably beautiful, inherently lovable, and desirable!! When you finally get this the outside will shift to reflect your inside. You will only ever be the sexiness you desire.

Here is a quick 5 things you can do to feel sexy !


(Pictured: @garnerstyle)

2. Pamper YOURSELF!

3. Purchase some lingerie!

4. Invest in your body scent and skincare!


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