Back 2 School

Back 2 School

White mini dress
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Alison Ivy mini necklace


πŸ”‘30 Things B4 30πŸ”‘

1. Thank one old boyfriend you can image yourself going back to and remind yourself of how far you come!

2. Come to a realization at some point you’re going to have to let you guard down.

3. Have a employer outfit.

4. Have a expensive item that you worked hard for.

5. Set aside money.

6. Create a resume that’s not padded.

7. One Friend ( Good friend ) !

8. The belief that you deserve it!

9. Skin care and fitness regiment!

10. A solid start on a career and a HEALTHY relationship .

11. Fall in love without losing YOURSELF!

12. Clean up your credit and keep it that way!

13. Know when to try harder and when to walk away!

14. Learn how to live alone!

15. Don’t change you.

16. Know where to go when your heart needs healing!

17. Know what you wouldn’t do for love/money !

18. Know who you can trust !

19. Balance being a lady and a Boss !

20. Stop apologizing for things that aren’t your fault!

21. Have a five year plan or at least a vision board for your goals!

22. Don’t keep explaining to people what they did wrong. We TOO OLD !

23. Have a wardrobe appropriate for your age.

24. Live unapologetically!

25. Enjoy the ride.

26. Celebrate your success daily !

27. Detox everything! (Social media,home,closets and wardrobes).

28. Take that job …. whatever it is JUST DO IT!

29. Let go of the pass!